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The Farm/The Land

Weston Spring Farm is a 15.5 acres plot collectively owned by the members of Middle Ground Growers. It is nested at the top of the watershed overhanging Upper Weston, right below Kelston Hill. We became stewards of this land in December 2020.

Brief history

About the land, history of agriculture in the area, market garden before Midridge...etc.


Our mission (maybe on separate page or as MGG's)


Through our farming practices we regenerate the soils, encourage diverse ecology and wildlife and capture carbon.


Through building soils and growing food we also build community and skills. Education is a crucial tool in feeding our collective future. We run seasonal traineeships to train the future land army and support them to establish multiple market gardens around Bath. We also run workshops in permaculture design and agroforestry.


We see a future where people, land and all the life within it work together, humans can't do it alone. Everything we do revolves around creating a resilient future for the local landscape and people.


Our vision

Imagine visiting a farm of incredible beauty, hundreds of blossoming apple, plum and pear trees, wildflowers and berry bushes, a no dig market garden brimming with nutritious vegetables and fields of squash and peas protected from heatwaves and drought by the shade of trees.

Imagine hearing the murmur of water trickling in the brook, bees busying away, the damselflies hovering around the wetland and ponds, the birds nesting in the edible hedgerows. A farm teeming with activity, people from all backgrounds and abilities learning and working together in harmony.

We dream of a flagship farm project that will inspire many young people to join the agroecological movement and help us build a resilient, inclusive and affordable local food system. 


1) What is regen ag?

2) Why do you use plastic?

3) Do you buy in some vegetables from other farms?

4) Have you gone mad?

5) Do you shave?

6) Does Popei buy spinach from your farm?

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