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Welcome to Bath Veg Boxes

Fresh, climate and nature-friendly veggies grown locally on our Bath peri-urban farm.

Year-round local veg for 200 families from June-23 onward ...
  • Local & seasonal veg boxes year-round (organic certified from Aug-2023)

  • 3 sizes of boxes - prices start at £12.5

  • Weekly deliveries on e-bikes to your home or collection hub (Thurs/Fri)

  • We grow most of our veg at Weston Spring Farm (16 acre farm, Upper Weston)

  • Get cooking recipes, veg news and join events, courses & community days.

Please read below info before joining us 

Note: once you've filled in your details, please check back later to pay (still being set up).

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"Eat the change you want to be"
  • Grown regeneratively: we return more than we take to nourish a diverse and healthy ecosystem

  • Low carbon: no nasty chemicals and delivered by electric bike

  • Food which is socially and economically just.

  • Available sliding scales to our pricing (see Payment options below)

  • Supporting young farmers with a ‘Living Wage’  

  • We use our earnings to provide community access to the land through volunteering days

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3 size of boxes

Yes, our veggies come in bags - easier to carry, easier to deliver!

  • Small bag (6 portions) £12.5 // For 1-2 people cooking a couple of times a week

  • Medium Bag (9 portions) £16.00 // For 2-3 people cooking regularly during the week

  • Large bag (12 portions) £20.50 // For 3-5 people cooking all week.

Add a Fruit Top-up (2 portions) £5.00// E.g. 600g apples, 500g rhubarb, 300g grapes 

What's in the bag?

The simple answer is, what is in season!

The bag will contain a healthy mix of fresh green veg, root veg, leafy greens and salad that will change week to week based on what is ready on the farm. We know receiving the same thing every week is not fun so we’ve planned our growing to keep each week fresh.

That said, if you’re hoping for tomatoes in March, you’ll be in for a disappointment!


You can expect:

  • "Bounty Season" (June-December): cucumbers, tomatoes, courgettes, beans, salad, chard, pak choi, fresh herbs, beetroot, onions, garlic....etc.

  • "Hunger Gap Season" (Jan-May): squash, cabbages, leeks, winter greens, kale, chard, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, beetroot...etc.

I don't like radish.. no, no ... i love it!!

We get it, not everything works for you.


You can ask for a substitution on something and we’ll try our hardest to give you something else that we have available. This will usually be limited to 1 veg.

To keep up variety through the seasons, we will supplement the bags with a few veggies from fellow organic growers in the local area (Growers Green, Farington’s, Close Farm, Avonleigh Orchards, Kenson’s and The Community Farm).


As we enter winter and grow our farm capacity, we’ll rely on these local guys more during the Hunger Gap season..

Home delivery, please!

We deliver on our electric bikes, reducing local congestion and carbon emissions.


  • Please see our delivery map to see how far we can go.

  • Deliveries are on Thursday or Friday (based on where you are)

  • If you’re in our delivery radius, you can have home delivery for £1.

  • We’ll let you know from your sign-up whether we can.

Gling and collect

Want to do us a favour? You can pick up your bag from one of our delivery hubs:

  1. Weston village hub: 

  2. Scoop

  3. Bearflat Hub

  4. Oldfield Park- Sandpits

  5. Combe Down

  6. Oak hub

  7. Landrace hub

  8. Bathampton hub

  9. Batheaston Hub

  10. London Road- Ringswell Gardens

To be confirmed: Walcott St (Harvest), Bath City Farm, Widcombe

Please get in touch if you have a space for a hub that you'd be happy to share with us!

Regenerating communities and agriculture

We are a regenerartive enterprise Community Interest Company (CIC).

Please read our ‘About us’ page, you can see we’re in this to drive a beneficial and regenerative change to the way food is produced and distributed around Bath to be equally fair to people and planet.


By supporting us through the seasons your regular supplier of veg, you become part of this positive change. We can count on each other, no matter the weather!

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Low traffic frozen veg 11-2022_edited.jpg
Want to try without commitment?
  • We understand that signing up for a regular delivery over the course of a season is a commitment. 

  • If it's your first time having a seasonal veg bag or you’re looking to see what the veg and its variety is like, you can dip your toes in the water with our 3-week trial. 

Did you say "free bag"?

  • When you pay up-front for a whole season (Jan-May or June-December)

  • Encourage someone to see through our 2-week trial and we’ll give you one week’s veg bag for free! Send across the sign-up form to the person you think would be interested and get them to mention your name on the form.

We need to talk...

Has something come up or it’s not working for you?

  • Please provide us with 3 weeks' notice if you intend to cancel by emailing in

  • Let us know if you’d like to donate any of the produce during your cancellation period 

  • Getting too much veg? Let us know so we can change your size.

We all need time off

To help ensure the stability of the farm’s operation, we need to place a limit on the number of ‘pauses to your bag each season.


So we kindly ask the following:

  • Usage of 2 ‘pause weeks’ every 3 months- no payment required. 

  • Giving us two weeks' notice for your pause 

  • Offering your bag as a donation to a local charitable initiative* if you have used all your ‘pauses’ or have had a last-minute change of plans (e.g. Julien House Homeless Shelter, Mercy in Action: Action Pantry, Oasis pantry).

We will deliver year round with two ‘breaks’ in the year for us growers: 2 weeks around Christmas/NYE and the last week of May (before the summer season).  Beach time!

* Payment Options *
1) Rolling 4-week payments
  • We’ll send you an invoice every 4 weeks for the cost of your bags

  • ‘auto-pay’ option available to make this easier

2) Sliding scale - let's support each other!

Buying well-produced veg for the right price might be something you aspire to do but the monthly outgoings don’t allow. The current economic system is stacked against farmers and low-income families seeking good food. 

  • You can be a ‘Supporter’ and donate £3 a week to another customer in need

  • You can be ‘supported’ anonymously and have -£3 off your bag

3) Supporter member - CSA style!

Are you in a financially comfortable position?

Most farming costs hit at the start of the season with seed purchase and the 2-3 months of labour costs before we can even harvest and sell our crops. CSA (Community Support Agriculture) means the grower and eater form a symbiotic relationship whereby the latter supports the farmer's livelihood and the farmer provides them with produce throughout the season.


You can give us an extra hand by paying for a season* in one upfront payment, enabling us to minimise waste and become more resilient as a farm producing food for you. 

Through this payment model, we ask for the full season bag cost:

  • Hunger gap (20 weeks) and Bounty season (30 weeks)

  • Or in two payments

  • You’ll get one bag free a season

  • And special offers on courses, events and more.


Well done, you've read it all! If you have any further questions, please contact us.

And if you are ready to "beet the system" join us now: 

Note: once you've filled in your details, please check back later to pay (still being set up).

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